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            HughesNet Service Assurance & Service Assurance Plus!
HUGHES® understands how important your Internet connection is to you. That’s why we take great pride in delivering quality service you can count on. Hughes now offers you two ways to protect your Internet service: HughesNet™ Service Assurance and HughesNet Service Assurance Plus. These services are designed to assure you that your HughesNet service will be restored in a quick and efficient manner in the event a problem occurs.

HughesNet Service Assurance plans include*:

bulletLive technical support (toll-free)
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
bulletIn-home service / Onsite business service
While most problems are solved with a simple phone call, if it can’t be fixed over the phone, a HughesNet certified technician will come to your location to restore your service for only $29.95.
Service includes:
bulletDiagnostic testing to determine the cause of the problem
bulletPower surge related repair
bulletAntenna realignments (using existing mounting configuration)
bulletRepair or replacement of malfunctioning equipment
bulletCost of all parts required to restore service
bulletFast response! Next business day / Second business day maintenance
Hughes offers a nationwide network of certified technicians, so you can count on getting technical support when you need it—at home or at your office. Choose from the two plans below to get the fast response time you need!

HughesNet Service Assurance

HughesNet Service Assurance Plus

Second business day service

Next business day service

Plus $29.95 co-pay for onsite maintenance




The HughesNet Service Assurance Plan name will change to "Express Repair"


Service Assurance and Service Assurance Plus are available to all HughesNet subscribers. So choose a plan and relax knowing that your high-speed connection is ‘assured’ with HughesNet.



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