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The HughesNet HN9000 Satellite Internet System!

What is Satellite Internet?


First Things First!

What is satellite internet?
Is it stable and reliable?
Does it really work?
Why choose satellite? 

We felt it our duty to create this page with one purpose - to educate and inform you about this wonderful new product!  We sell and install satellite dishes for internet access but we believe you'll find we've kept our opinions below uncommonly neutral!

HughesNet, formerly called DirecWay, created a product several years ago which allowed a computer user to receive internet communications through a satellite dish.  With the exception of some very high-end, non-consumer or military products, the home user was required to upload through a telephone line.

2-WAY (SATELLITE RETURN) - A PC user today with a satellite dish no longer needs a separate telephone line.  This user can now receive (download) at speeds up to 16 times greater than PC standard 56k or 28.8k modems.  He or she can also transmit (upload) at two to four times their current speed while sending their data 22,300 miles out into space and back again.

1-WAY (DIAL RETURN) - The term refers to older systems (DirecPC, DirecDuo, & AOL Plus) that can receive only.  It requires a telephone line and connection to an ISP at all times while the PC is in use.

SPEED GUARANTEES - Realize that regardless of the delivery method, speeds are rarely, if ever, guaranteed.  For example, satellite ISP providers sometimes state, "Up to 700k download and up to 128k upload."  The cable companies state the same thing, often quoting momentary "burst rates" achieved during periods of low traffic.  The point is that all delivery providers have the authority to bring the speed down at any time (without telling you) to meet the needs of their growing customer base.  Broadband is generally defined as any sustained speed above 128k.

For raw speed only, cable currently seems to offer a slight speed advantage over satellite dishes.  DSL service (from your phone company) appears to offer a higher upload speed than but comparable download speed.   Neither cable nor DSL are available in all areas.

ISP - Regular improvements have been made and have not gone unnoticed by the largest Internet Service Providers (ISP).  All are now engaged in providing new and existing customers with high-speed access, comparable directly to cable modems or DSL, using HughesNet-related satellite devices.  Your local ISP is probably never going to able to market satellite products and services because of the high investment.

STABILITY - Existing HughesNet-powered systems users find this to be a highly stable, very reliable internet access platform for their Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME, XP or Windows 2000 PC.  HughesNet has proved itself over time.

The first question most people ask is - how does this all compare with cable modems and DSL?  Certainly there are advantages and drawbacks to each.  A full-fledged discussion is beyond our desire here.  For speed only, cable currently seems to offer a slight speed advantage over satellite dishes.  DSL speeds are comparable to satellite internet.

CABLE - The major arguments for cable is lower installation costs (in most cases) and bursts of high speed access using the same cable used for your TV set.  Most discussions against cable center on security, customer support, and  slowdowns in speed because of so many users sharing the same cable simultaneously.  Rural customers and customers who's cable provider overloads the cable, however, do not have such options.

SATELLITE - Except for a very high dollar dedicated line from the telephone company, the only alternative to getting this high-speed access is satellite.  One advantage is no telephone line is required (except during activation of the dish).  Initial hardware cost and monthly service charges can usually be justified for most users and home-based businesses. 

One other big strength is that while there might be a short signal loss during storms, the satellite will reconnect itself as soon as the storm passes, something hardwired cable or telephone lines cannot do without human intervention.

ONLINE GAMES - When playing speed-oriented online games, satellite is not as fast as some players would like it to be.  This is because there is a split second delay when one sends a key press on a 45,000 mile round trip into outer space...  Satellite is therefore not the best for multi-player games where pressing the Enter key in a quick-draw type game.

DSL - DSL comes from the telephone company.  In a nutshell, its promise was high-speed access as long as you lived within three miles (as the lines run, not as the crow flies) of the phone company's local main switching office or stations with special cards installed.

SUMMARY - All in all, cable may likely fair better for users in a non-congested area.  DSL has far too many limitations and shortcomings. For almost everybody else, satellite is often both the best and the only option.


Please take the time to read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more details!


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