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Your new HughesNet® HN9000 Satellite Internet System!


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Installer's Obligation To You


Here’s what happens:


  1. You place an order for HughesNet high-speed Internet by satellite.
  2. A professional installer calls your house to schedule a convenient appointment.
  3. The installer arrives at the agreed upon installation date and time to install your antenna and HN9000 modem.
  4. The installer will activate your HN9000 modem and assist you with registering at, and then you can start enjoying HughesNet!

Once you place your order and an email confirmation is sent to you, an installer in your area will contact you within 2 working days to set up your installation appointment. Installation is usually completed within fourteen (14) days of your order placement date.  Many individual installers may complete the task sooner.  


INCLUDED with Standard Installation NOT INCLUDED with Standard Installation
Mount the dish to an approved structure at least five feet off the ground as required by FCC regulations, using HUGHES standard roof, and/or wall mounting brackets.

Mounted to a one-story surface
Complex/custom installations that may result in additional fees..
bulletMake sure you discuss any custom work with your installer before they begin the job.
Install a coaxial cable jack in the room where the HughesNet System will be located.  Often this means one hole through an outer wall.  Fishing a wire down an interior wall is not part of a standard installation.
Custom work including, but not limited to:
bulletMoldings or cosmetic hardware to help hide cables
bulletNon-penetrating roof, pole, or chimney mounts
Route two exterior RG-6 coaxial cables (each up to 100 feet in length) from the dish into the house, and to the coaxial cable jack. Installation of DIRECTV receivers and cables and/or complex connections to stereo/audio components.
Provide and install the hardware required to properly ground your HughesNet System. Driving distances of over 35 miles to the job.
Install the HughesNet modem and connect them to your PC. Removal and/or repair of previously mounted equipment. (a signed Waiver of Liability must be included to perform this work).
Verify receipt of satellite signal. Mounting to a roof surface that exceeds one story in height

Commission your HughesNet account Non-penetrating roof mount, pole mount, or chimney mount.
Your satellite installer is not usually a computer or network expert.  Networking of your systems is not part of his job description.  Please contact your computer or network person if you need assistance with connecting your PC's or other PC-related issues.



Standard Installation

bulletThe Installer will contact you to set up an appointment for the installation. He will ask you some questions to ensure he is properly equipped for the appointment.  Upon arrival, he will conduct a brief survey with to ensure your location and PC is properly prepared for this system.
bulletUpon arrival, the installer will wait up to ten (10) minutes for the customer if he or she is not present. The customer will be billed for the service call if unavailable. The installer cannot proceed without the customer or qualified designee present.
bulletThe installation time will vary based upon location circumstances. Two to four hours may be required and the customer or qualified designee is expected to remain present.
The installer and customer will walk through and around the home or facility before work begins.
bulletA clear line of site to the southern sky will be reviewed.
bulletMount the antenna on an elevated surface, including but not limited to a wall or other structure using HNS standard mounting brackets, where the structure can support the unit. Wall mounts cannot be placed on building material that cannot support the product, such as stucco, aluminum siding;
bulletProvide an outside cable run up to 100 feet with one point of entry done through exterior wall to an interior wall and the placement of a wall jack;
bulletThe installer will align the satellite and run essential tests to insure proper signal strength and an isolation test;
bulletInstaller will also setup the HN9000 satellite modem and make a recommendation to you on where it should be connected to your network.  The installer will connect with the satellite using his own laptop to ensure satellite internet connectivity.
bulletNOTE:  The installer is a satellite specialist and not a computer or network expert!  You are responsible for all network connections.  If necessary, you may wish to call in your local area network person to assist you with any network issues or PC setups.
bulletIf difficulties arise, the installer will provide you with the HughesNet Support telephone number once he has demonstrated the system works on his laptop.  Your installer must be permitted to leave once he has shown he can surf the web on his laptop.  His job is now complete.
bulletYou may negotiate directly with the certified Installer for additional work beyond the scope of the work described in this paragraph. This additional work is directly billable by the installer, dealer or independent contractor and thus constitutes no agreement with HughesNet partners or Southern Sky Satellite.
bulletEmail, documents, bookmarks, settings and other important data should be saved or printed to prevent loss. We highly recommend you back up your system prior to the installer's arrival for your own peace of mind.
bulletNote! If the Installer is unable to complete the installation because the customer's location is not prepared for the installation (obvious obstacles limiting a line of sight to the Southern sky, customer not present, landlord doesn't permit dishes, etc.), the customer will still be billed for the visit!
bulletPlease discuss any concerns with your installer before he or she finalizes an appointment with you. Issues should be discussed with the installer conducting a telephone site survey before a time and date is set.


Custom Installation


A 'standard installation' works for most customers.  However, each home is as unique as you are and may require extra work to ensure the system is installed to your satisfaction.  Just some of the non-standard work you may desire could be a pole mount instead of the standard roof mount, fishing a cable down an interior wall instead of a single penetration through an outside wall, trenching dirt for burial of wires, etc.  Such items are not covered as part of the standard installation and may require additional materials and more of the installer's time.


Since there is no way an installer can truly know all about your house before he gets there for an installation, be prepared for non-standard items to appear.  You and your installer must then work together.  During a preliminary site survey with you, he will point out concerns he has as well as take yours into account and together you must work out a solution favorable to you both.  Remember, any non-standard items you discuss and agree to with an installer are between you and him.  As such, you should be prepared to pay him for custom work as soon as the task is complete.  Also be prepared for a delay and possibly rescheduling if a custom installation becomes necessary.


The following custom price list is applicable only to Southern Sky Satellite's local customers in the central Louisiana area.  It may, however, provide you some guidance for custom requests.


Custom Installation Pricing


How to wire your new home for satellite or cable


Order Your HughesNet 7000 Online Now for Fastest Processing!



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