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HughesNet HN9000 Satellite Internet System!


Features and PC Requirements


With HughesNet, your super-fast, always on connection is ready when you are—no dialing in, no waiting. So you can download files in seconds, network multiple computers, quickly access and play audio or video clips, and surf faster than you ever imagined. Because HughesNet gives you instant Internet access via satellite, it won’t tie up your phone lines like dial-up. Best of all, with no software to load and compatibility with Windows and Mac, HughesNet makes getting online anywhere in the continental U.S. easy!


bulletAlways-on connection/No logging in – Ever just want to check your email, but first you have to dial up… and wait, and log in… and wait? How does the word Instant sound to you? Sit down at your computer, click on your Web browser, and you’re surfing.
bulletThe ability to talk and surf at the same time — It won't tie up your phone line. Call your friends while you’re online without needing a second phone line.
bulletNo more busy signals — When your friends try to call to reach you… they can!
bulletMultiple email addresses – Email access for you and your family.


 How fast is it?


HughesNet speeds are based on download speeds of up to 700Kbps. Actual speeds vary based on the amount of traffic on the Internet, content on a particular Web site, or by the overall performance and configuration of your computer. Upload speeds are stated to be up to 128k.  Stated speeds not guaranteed. Dial-up service comparison based on standard dial-up connection at 28.8Kbps.


Compare HughesNet versus Dial-Up
How does HughesNet compare to Dial-Up?




Access to the Internet with an always-on connection  
Secure Site  
No software to load (An Activation CD is now included to optimize browser performance.  Automatic updates to the modem when new software becomes available  
Dedicated connection/instant access (no logging in or out)    
Available now and everywhere (with no applicable long-distance charges) with a clear view of the southern sky  
Home delivery and professional installation included  
Access to (your one-stop center for everything HughesNet-related!)  
Talk and surf at the same time
Fast Downloads
No phone line needed!


There are a few limitations you should be aware of:

bulletHughesNet@ is not ideal for online speed-oriented gaming, where pressing keys quickly is an essential part of the game.  This is because there is up to a half-second lag time between the time you press the key and it gets up to outer space and back.
bulletHughesNet is not ideal for last seconds bids on eBay for the same reason.
bulletHughesNet is not ideal for Virtual Private Network (VPN).
bulletThere are limits as to how much you can download during a certain time period known as the "Fair Access Policy" or FAP.  Currently, you cannot exceed 165 megabytes in a four-hour period.  You can contact HughesNet directly and upgrade to HughesNet Professional which allows you to purchase up to double that download amount.  Most users rarely get anywhere near that limit though.
bulletHughesNet does not currently permit you to host a website on a HughesNet system.
bulletHughesNet is designed for the user who primarily needs to download web pages, files and the like much faster than dial-up.  If upload speed is essential to your needs, realize that HughesNet upload speed is not much faster than a telephone line.  Webmasters, graphic artists, CAD users and others who need to upload large files regularly may find upload speeds are not much faster than dial-up, however, no telephone line is required for HughesNet operation.


PC Requirements


The HughesNet modem (model number HN9000) lets you connect your computer to the Internet whether you are running a Windows®- or Macintosh®-based system. In order to ensure you get the most out of your Internet experience, HughesNet has developed these minimum requirements:

Operating system: PC: Windows 98 SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Mac: 9.0-10.2 (excludes 10.0)
Processor: PC: Pentium II 333 MHz or faster
Mac: 300 MHz or faster
Memory (RAM): PC: 64MB RAM (Windows 98SE and Windows Me); 128MB RAM (Windows 2000 and Windows XP)
Mac: 128MB
Free Hard Drive Space: PC: 100MB
Mac: 150MB


Networking Capability: 10/100 Ethernet pre-equipped (configured for auto-negotiate)


When you place your order online, you will first be given an opportunity to test your PC to be sure it is compatible with HughesNet before your order is finalized.

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We've created a special area to educate you on the "pros" and "cons" of using satellite for your internet service. Is HughesNet right for you? Read Me First! 

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