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Combining HughesNet & DirecTV in one dish



For HN9000 customers, you cannot combine services on one dish any longer due to new satellite assignments.  For DW6000 and earlier customers, the capability to use one dish remains an option, however, should you upgrade later this may no longer work.


HughesNet and DirecTV can share the same physical dish as long as it is the HughesNet dish.  A DirecTV dish will not work for HughesNet operation.


HughesNet broadband and DIRECTV® television services, hardware, and installation are sold separately.  They are both products of Hughes Network Systems, however, because they are separate entities, billing cannot be combined.


Because many people want just one satellite dish, option kits are available to add DirecTV services to your HughesNet dish.  These vary by dealer or distributor but generally cost $60 to $100 each.  Separate installation charges may also exist.  Based on your geographic location, you may need more than one kit (up to 3) to access high-definition and/or local channels.


We highly recommend you keep the two products on separate dishes, as ugly or undesired as it may appear to be.  Should HughesNet or DirecTV ever need to repoint you to a different satellite at some future date, you may have to buy new option kits.  Further, HughesNet dishes must be peaked to HughesNet settings and as such you may see a slight loss of signal strength on the DirecTV side.  Rain fade may be reduced if both DirecTV and HughesNet dishes are kept separate and peaked on their respective satellites.


Please feel free to contact us for a quote on the option kits should you still want to pursue  combined services.




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