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DirecWay® HN9000 Satellite Internet System!


Custom Installation Pricing


This document is only applicable to Southern Sky Satellite's local central Louisiana customers and may or may not be used by your designated installer.


Installation or service work is NOT refundable!


All installations are different because all houses are different.   The dealer from whom you purchased your product generally includes a “standard installation” which basically consists of a simple installation of a dish to the roof or side of building at the home where the service is to be used. 


"Standard Installation" rarely includes a pole mount, ground trenching, conduit, or fishing wires down inside walls.  Installation is also usually limited to a height of a one-story roof.  Payment for custom work is paid to the installer and is due when services are rendered unless other advance arrangements are made with your installer.


The following is a list of prices for the most common custom work that might be necessary during the installation or service of your satellite dish products for DirecWay or DirecTV.


Description of Additional Non-Standard Charges



Ground Mount (including pole, cement and up to 20’ of 4” deep dirt trench)


    - Cable trenching - unobstructed dirt - (for each foot over 20’)

$2.00 per foot

    - Cable penetration under sidewalk, driveway or fixed object

Per Quote

Aerial cable to or from outbuilding(s)

Per Quote

Wall fish of RG-6 cable (per outlet on non-insulated wall)

$55.00 each

Wall fish of RG-6 cable (per outlet on insulated or blocked wall)

Per Quote

Roof access above one-story level requiring crane or special laddering.

Per Quote

All other customer work not included above.

Per Quote

Standard Disconnect - Equipment removal from structure


Missed Appointment - Installer cannot wait more than 10 minutes


Service Call (non-warranty work)

$69/hr + parts

    Mileage over 35 miles

$1.00 per mile



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